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Punctual, efficient and confidential delivery.
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We hand-select the best translators.

Our translators are native speakers and each translator is an expert in a specific field. Your medical text, legal document or web content, will be translated accurately with no misinterpretation, misunderstanding or wrong technical terms.

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We don't overcharge you.

From as low as € 0.01 per word, you get a professionally translated document without burning a hole in your wallet.

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We respect deadlines.

You will receive your translated document on time, always. We've set strict policies with our translators to make sure high-quality work is submitted within the agreed timeline.

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We're fast and efficient.

We're fast and efficient. With more than 7,000 translation jobs completed every year, we know how to handle large-volume and urgent translation. Got a long and complex document you need translated quickly? Not a problem.

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Your privacy matters.

We'll send you an NDA along with the contract so what's yours remain only yours.

You have important things to say.

Make sure they're not lost in translation.

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Our team of professional translators write with sharp accuracy. That means, your translated text reads and sounds like you. No spelling mistakes. No grammatical errors. No misuse of technical terms.

That way, you can communicate with your readers in a more effective and meaningful way.

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“The accuracy of the translations by Baltic Translations play an important role in maintaining and developing our company’s image, not only in the Baltic market, but also with our current clients. We started collaborating with Baltic Translations in July of 2012. And since then we’ve received numerous high quality translations of press releases and legal texts.

We needed 3 things: Quality, Accessibility and Punctuality. And Baltic Translations delivered all of them. We enjoyed the collaboration greatly and we definitely plan to work together again. Highly recommended!”

Baltic translations feedback
Bridgestone Baltics Consulting company

“Baltic Translations helped us ensure effective communication with foreign representatives during our business negotiations. We’re one of the leading construction companies in Latvia that cooperates with many business partners abroad. We’ve been working with Baltic Translations since 2011 as we regularly need translation services and they’re our go-to because they are well-organized with dedicated professionals with excellent knowledge in their fields. The work delivered to us were of impeccable quality.

We’re continuing our collaboration with Baltic Translations and if you’re looking for good translation services, look no further!”

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Arčers Ltd. Consulting company

“We chose Baltic Translations because they offer acceptable prices and systematically and professionally review translation requests. We needed excellent interpreting services during our International Architectural Heritage Days event and the high level and quality of the interpreters were beyond our expectations.

We hope to work together again in the future!”

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Self-government of Kuldīga