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Written translations

Our agency translates texts of any format, theme, and language which mostly are documents, tables, booklets, webpages, letters and other forms of textual information. At your request, we can provide translation of a document, booklet or other material which fully complies with the layout of the original – retaining the initial layout of the text, tables, images, etc.

Professional translators
In addition to language education the majority of our employees have another education and practical experience in translating of field-specific texts, this allows us to provide high quality translation, editing and proofreading of specialised projects. 

Translation/editing: in case you need to translate literary, journalistic or scientific texts, our agency offers a wide range of services with the best technical support. We guarantee that the individual writing style and language of the author will be also retained in the target text. 

Editing of various types of texts (technical texts, legal documents, promotional materials, literary texts, etc.).

Professional revisers will carry out a thorough check of the translation, correcting the following mistakes:
  • terminology related;
  • grammatical;
  • spelling;
  • stylistic mistakes;
  • punctuation mistakes;
  • mistranslations.

Our experts will ensure that your documents are precise and accurate.

Translation of legal documents
We will help in business correspondence with foreign partners, or provide quality translation of your private legal documents. We also offer such additional legal services as Apostille, document legalisation, and notary certifications. The professional team of project managers ensures full long-term support and confidentiality for all our customers.

Exact page layout
At your request, we provide an exact page layout of the translated document, retaining all tables, images, graphs, etc. used in the source text.

To ensure absolutely precise and accurate translation it is necessary to take the following steps:
  • translator translates the text;
  • reviser checks the translation;
  • in case of complicated texts or technical translation, terminology is verified by another translator with the particular thematic competence;
  • at your request, the translation can be edited by a specialist who is a native speaker of the target language.
Our team will do everything what is necessary to provide the desired results within the agreed deadlines.

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