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What translation services does Baltic Translations offer?
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What translations of documents cannot be certified by a notary?
A notary cannot certify documents which are handwritten, strikethrough, corrected, not sewn together.

What does 1800 characters mean?
A standard A4 page contains approximately 1800 characters (with spaces). You can easily identify the number of characters (Characters with spaces) in the text by yourself: open the MS Word document, find 'Tools' on the toolbar and choose 'Word Count'.

How fast is it possible to receive a notarised translation?
It depends on the number and volume of the documents. Notarised translation of 1–3 standard documents (consisting of 1 page each) can be provided within 1 business day. Notarised translation of 3–6 documents can be provided within 2 business days.

If I require a notarised translation, do I need to present the original of the document?
Yes, you do. If you want the translation of the document to be certified, you must present the original of the document. The original stays at the office from the moment when it has been submitted for translation, till the receipt of the translation.

How the price for translation is calculated?
The price is calculated on the basis of the number of characters in the source text. The exact price of the order is known after the completion of the project. Please fill out the online order form.
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