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Baltic Translations was founded in Latvia to provide its customers with the best service of the industry offering both high quality and prices affordable for every resident of Latvia. Last year, more than 700 customers seized the opportunity to use the wide range of professional translation and interpretation services offered by Baltic Translations. We provide notarised translations as well as translations confirmed by our agency, which are signed by the translator and the project manager responsible for the particular project.

Feel free to contact us by calling the number +(371) 288 66 169; or writing an e-mail to: info@BalticTranslations.lv

In addition to translation services we offer text editing, proofreading, DTP and page layout.

Our project managers monitor the progress of work in order to ensure quality and meet the customer’s needs and desires; they are open to answer your questions regarding the project and will help to find the necessary solutions. We use an individualised approach to each customer.

Services offered by Baltic Translations:
  • Written translations
  • Interpreting
  • Subtitles and dubbing
  • Notarised translations
  • Text editing and proofreading
  • Translation of webpages and software localisation
  • Input of handwritten data and DTP
  • Other services

Your opinion and participation in the project can play a significant role in providing quality services. Any additional information given by the customer (the purpose of the text, recommended terminology, glossaries, etc.) helps to create a project which performs its functions and complies with the customer’s needs.

Benefits for the regular customers

For corporate customers Baltic Translations offers flexible payment conditions: to pay upon receipt of the services, receiving an invoice once a month or after each project.

For regular customers and in case of large-volume projects, we offer to conclude a cooperation agreement which provides discounts depending on the volume of the particular order.

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