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Translation of webpages and software localisation – business development opportunities with the help of the internet

Searching for information on the internet is a growing present-day tendency, therefore the webpage often creates the first impression about the company and its business activities. This is why the information available for customers on the internet should be comprehensible and easy-to-read.

If we look outside the national borders, provision of information in foreign languages is of paramount importance; this can be the first step towards attracting of new business partners and customers. Baltic Translations specialises in translation of webpages and software localisation.

What makes a good translation of a webpage? A reader who masters the target language has no problems with understanding the text and has no suspicions that it has been translated. Translation of webpages is entrusted to experienced translators who not only accurately render the source language into the target language, but pay particular attention to the language style as well.

Baltic Translations offers also localisation of various types of software and other materials. Localisation means adaptation of the translation and the language to the particular country or territory. In addition to the visible components of webpages, they also contain the so called 'hidden' side, the text of which is placed near the source codes. 

Localisation is a process during which such textual information is translated and adapted to the target language and culture without making any changes to the source codes.

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