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All services offered by Baltic Translations are provided with the help of professional translators/interpreters
Every translation is proofread. A proofreader checks whether grammatical, stylistic rules as well as idiomatic expressions used in the translation comply with the norms of the target language. You will receive a completed translation that does not require additional corrections and which is ready for use. 

Conditions that may affect translation quality:
  • additional corrections and modifications to the source text;
  • illegible source text;
  • omitted words or objects (e.g. images or graphs) in the source text;
  • quality of the source text. It is very difficult to produce a good translation if the source text is full of various mistakes, deficiencies and ambiguities.

Regardless of the source text, we always strive to provide translation of the best possible quality.

A strict quality control system has been introduced at Baltic Translations. 

The main elements of the translation quality control system are as follows:
  • selection of professional translators/interpreters;
  • maximum reduction of all risks related to extension of deadlines for translations;
  • prior to return of translations to the customer, every translation is checked and reviewed by a proofreader.

We absolutely guarantee the high quality of translations provided by our agency. In addition, we offer to conclude a cooperation agreement on regular translation services or within a particular translation project.

Entrust your translations to Baltic Translations, as we provide constantly high quality of all our services!
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