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Notary certification

Notary certification may be necessary for various official and legal documents, e.g. certificates of marriage, certificates of birth, land registry certificates, vehicle registration certificates, passports, driver's licences, etc. 

Another common example is when a translation of a document is necessary  for submission to authorities or other institutions in Latvia and foreign countries. This means that it will be necessary to verify the authenticity of the document with a special certification called Apostille

A notary public can certify a document which had been translated from one language into another and its compliance with the original document only in cases when the notary masters the particular languages.

If the notary does not master the particular languages, the authenticity of the translator's signature is certified. 

To receive a notary certification, you must deliver the original of the document to the office of Baltic Translations.

The document should contain the following information:
  • name of the document;
  • issuing authority;
  • date of issue;
  • name of the place where the document was drawn up, issued and signed;
  • signature(s).

Our project managers will give you the necessary consultations and inform on the cost and deadline of the order.

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