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Interpreting is the process of rendering an oral message from one language into another. An interpreter works in a direct contact with the speaker and audience, providing on-the-spot translation. Interpreters do not have time for long reasoning to find the best translation of specific terms, etc. Modern interpreters have a sound knowledge of languages, presentable appearance, excellent communication skills, and thematic competence about the particular subject. 

Interpreting services offered by Baltic Translations:
  1. Consecutive interpreting.
  2. Simultaneous interpreting.
  3. Escort interpreting.
  4. Whispered interpreting.

1. Consecutive interpreting

In this mode of interpreting, an interpreter conveys the message by consecutively interpreting parts of speech into the target language. Interpretation is provided during the speech pauses. While listening to the speech, an interpreter makes notes and provides interpretation as soon as the speaker has finished the part of the speech. After the segment is interpreted, the speaker continues with his/her speech. This type of interpreting is perfect for business meetings and negotiations with foreign partners, company’s presentations, business lunches, exhibitions, seminars, and various other public events.

2. Simultaneous interpreting

In this type of interpreting, interpretation is provided simultaneously while the speaker is speaking with the use of specialised equipment. Simultaneous interpreting is provided by highly qualified interpreters only, since it calls for advanced skills and competences. Usually interpreters work in teams of two together in the same booth.

Since simultaneous interpreting requires very high concentration, usually interpreters change roles every 15–30 minutes. In order to provide high quality interpretation, an interpreter must be timely supplied with additional materials to get familiar with the subject of the event, e.g. transcripts of speeches, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

This type of interpreting is used during large international congresses, conferences and seminars where we encounter with large amount of verbal information. 

Baltic Translations provides both excellent simultaneous interpreters and all the necessary technical equipment for the event.

3. Escort interpreting

Escort interpreting comprises various elements. This type of interpreting involves both being an interpreter/tour guide and assistance during business trips abroad. Choosing to use escort interpreting services, an interpreter will accompany you during visits and provide interpretation when necessary.

4. Whispered interpreting

Whispered interpreting – an interpreter facilitates communication by being next to the participants and interpreting directly into the ear of the listener. Whispered interpretation is used in cases when only one or few people are not familiar with the language used at the event. 

This type of interpreting is used during such events as business negotiations, meetings, conferences, and court hearings. According to your wishes, whispered interpretation can be provided either in simultaneous or consecutive mode. 

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